Seeking and Equipping

students from every corner of the Kingdom to serve in every context of the Kingdom

By | September 5th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

American Bias and Overseas Missions   While the term [...]

Race: A Gospel Issue

By | August 29th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

Also posted on NC Baptist website here --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A [...]

E077 – Why Are You Still SBC?

By | August 27th, 2018|Categories: Podcast|

Hear from various pastors and leaders from around the [...]

Ethnicity, Reconciliation and the Asian-American Experience

By | August 20th, 2018|Categories: Videos|

Ray Chang discusses historical race issues and the gospel [...]

2018 SBC Reflection

By | July 13th, 2018|Categories: Videos|

Courtlandt Perkins reflects on the highs, lows, and future [...]

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