Southeastern Seminary and the College at Southeastern are committed to equipping groups who have been historically underrepresented on our campus to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. The resources on this page represent part of a holistic effort to support current and future students in an effort to make our campus look more like the kingdom.

External Scholarship Opportunities

  • The Financial Aid office has compiled a variety of scholarships that are facilitated by other organizations for you to apply for. The opportunities are organized by ethnicity.

Kingdom Diversity Scholarship

  • Application Window
    • Spring Semester ONLY September 1st – September 30th
      • Scholarship recipients who apply in this window are eligible to receive funding for spring semester only.
    • Full Academic Year December 10thFebruary 11th
      • Scholarship recipients who apply in this window are eligible to receive funding for the fall and spring semesters
  • Who can apply?
    • Students of African descent
    • Students of Asian descent
    • Students of Hispanic/Latin descent
    • Students of Native American descent
    • Students of Middle Eastern descent
    • All Women studying at the Doctoral level
    • International Students
    • First generation immigrants
    • Those who serve on mission teams serving non-Western people groups domestically or internationally.

*if you have questions about your racial eligibility email

  • Please Note
    • Every recipient much reapply each spring for the upcoming academic year
    • The Financial Aid Office ( ) is the appropriate contact concerning questions about the Kingdom Diversity Scholarship (not Kingdom Diversity Initiative staff).

*when filling out the scholarship application, please select ALL scholarships that you are eligible for including the “Akin Diversity Scholarship”


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