E083 – Interracial Adoption

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Dr. Matthew Mullins has a conversation investigating God's heart for adoption, the motives for adopting interracially, and shares a personal adoption story with Courtlandt Perkins.

E068 – BLS Strangers in a Foreign Land

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This recap of the February 6th Bagged Lunch Series, Strangers in a Foreign Land: Immigration and the People God, is a summary of the discussion on how we can continue having further dialogue addressing these issues across lines of difference with Dr. Walter Strickland.

E074 – Remembering James Cone; Part I

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Courtlandt Perkins discusses the life of James Cone and his value for evangelicalism with Dr. Strickland.  

E067 – Why Come to the Link Conference?

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Dr. moncler paris Walter Strickland and Courtlandt Perkins discuss how the link conference puts multicultural passion into informed practice. Timberland Homme Pas Cher Join us on April 13,

E076 – What is From the Lectern?

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Dr. Walter Strickland and Courtlandt Perkins cast vision for what the "From the Lectern" media platform is all about and why it is a resource to equip a diverse audience.

E082 – Raising Children in a Racialized Society

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Phabienne Anderson discusses the changing racial climate and how this affects the way we raise children with Courtlandt Perkins.

E079 – BLS American Bias and Mission Trips

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Courtlandt Perkins provides a recap of the first Bagged Lunch Series discussion of this semester titled "American Bias and Mission Trips: Examining culture's impact on missions" with Phabienne Anderson.

E078 – Lecture on the Doctrine of the Curse of Ham

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Courtlandt Perkins gives a short lecture on the history and impact of reading Genesis 9 to teach the unbiblical notion of the inferiority of people of African descent known as the Curse of Ham.


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With the annual Southern Baptist Convention approaching Dr.  Walter Strickland and SEBTS Director of Communications Amy Whitfield answered a series of the most important questions concerning denominational life and how the SBC works.  Here is an excerpt on the importance of this content from the book SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference, Amy Whitfield co-authored with Dr.  [...]

E071 – Gospel Reflections from Wakanda

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Phabienne Anderson discusses the impact and gospel parallels of the movie Black Panther with Courtlandt Perkins.