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With the annual Southern Baptist Convention approaching Dr.  Walter Strickland and SEBTS Director of Communications Amy Whitfield answered a series of the most important questions concerning denominational life and how the SBC works.  Here is an excerpt on the importance of this content from the book SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference, Amy Whitfield co-authored with Dr.  [...]

E071 – Gospel Reflections from Wakanda

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Phabienne Anderson discusses the impact and gospel parallels of the movie Black Panther with Courtlandt Perkins.

E069 – What to the Slave is the Fourth of July

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This reading and discussion of Frederick Douglass' seminal speech "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?' is closing out our Black History Month Spotlight with Kingdom Diversity staffers Phabienne Anderson and Courtlandt Perkins.

E073 – Where Do We Go From Here?

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Dr. Walter Strickland discusses the seeming momentum toward racial reconciliation following #MLK50 and Together for the Gospel.

E057 – Joshua Waggener

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Dr. Joshua Waggener explains the influence of African American music styles on popular music  in Western Culture to Walter Strickland.

E077 – Why Are You Still SBC?

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Hear from various pastors and leaders from around the country answer the question, "Why are you still SBC?" in light of this past summer's Southern Baptist Convention, and unsettling news headlines both heading into and leaving the convention, with Courtlandt Perkins.

E072 – BLS A Tainted Legacy: George Whitfield, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham, and Others

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Kingdom Diversity Staffer Courtlandt Perkins recaps our last Bagged Lunch Series Discussion "A Tainted Legacy" discussing how we should reconcile the sins of our faith heroes with Dr. Walter Strickland.

E052 – Sarita Lyons

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Psychotherapist, Dr. Sarita Lyons, discusses mental illness and how life experiences can play a part.

E063 – Confederate Monuments and Racial Superiority (Part 1)

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Dr. Brent Aucoin, Dr. Walter Strickland and Maliek Blade discuss the meaning of confederate monuments in light of a Christian worldview.

From the Lectern

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Introducing the new media platform, From the Lectern, produced by the Kingdom Diversity Initiative at Southeastern.