One Blood Book Review

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One Blood Book Review The American church is in a critical moment in history. The scars and wounds of America’s past have been laid bare and are more apparent than ever. The present reality of systemic racism in the lives of minorities, the hurt from a divisive political landscape and the confusing, sometimes conflicting response within [...]

Hidden Figures Series: Adrianne Miles, Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics

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It’s often the case that the hidden figures of history turn out to be pillars on which we stand. moncler homme soldes This reality was brought to the forefront in recent years through movies like "Hidden Figures" where many learned for the first time that the first successful American orbit around the moon in 1969 was [...]

Can Minority Christians Thrive in White Evangelical Spaces?

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Dr. timberland femme Walter Strickland discussing with Dr. doudoune moncler homme Carl Ellis Jr.

National African American Missions Conference

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1. What is the goal of the goal of the conference and how long has it been around? The conference has been around since 2013. The focus for the conference is to minister to the hearts of African Americans who have a passion for cross-cultural missions and provide networking and resource opportunities. NAAMC offers Missions-driven, powerful, [...]

Is Critical Race Theory “UnChristian” Part 4

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Is Critical Race Theory “UnChristian” Part 4 Written by: Dr. Matt Mullins (Assistant Professor of English and History of Ideas/Associate Dean for Academic Advising) In the previous posts in this series I introduced Critical Race Theory (CRT), explained its origins, and began to explore some of its core beliefs. In this post I outline more of [...]

Kingdom Diversity Philosophy of Education

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern are committed to “equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission.” Within this mission, the Kingdom Diversity Initiative endeavors to “Seek and equip students from every corner of the kingdom to serve in every context of the kingdom.” These interdependent goals shape the entirety [...]


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With the annual Southern Baptist Convention approaching Dr.  Walter Strickland and SEBTS Director of Communications Amy Whitfield answered a series of the most important questions concerning denominational life and how the SBC works.  Here is an excerpt on the importance of this content from the book SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference, Amy Whitfield co-authored with Dr.  [...]

Bagged Lunch Series: Strangers in a Foreign Land: Immigration and the People of God

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There is never a lack of news that either makes our day or makes our day worse. Whether good or bad, we tend to share news within our circle of friends which are likely to be people who look or think like us. While this is not inherently wrong it could be enabling our blind spots. [...]

Race: A Gospel Issue

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Also posted on NC Baptist website here --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A helpful way to understand the structure of Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians is to split it down the middle. Chapters 1-3 bear the indicative theological explanation of the gospel; meaning this is what the Ephesian church should believe. Then chapters 4-6 carry more of gospel theo praxis [...]

Is Critical Race Theory “UnChristian” Part 5

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Is Critical Race Theory “UnChristian” Part 5 Written by: Dr. Matt Mullins (Assistant Professor of English and History of Ideas/Associate Dean for Academic Advising) If you’ve followed along with the earlier posts in this series, you’ll have a basic understanding of some of the core beliefs of Critical Race Theory (CRT) by now. In this post [...]