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Theological Language & Ethnocentrism: A Commentary on Acts 10

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The Gospel is for everyone in every culture.  The Great Commission allows believers to participate in God's work by actively sharing the Good News with people from every nation.  Jesus' command in the Great Commission is the framework for the Revelation 7:9 church.   Reaching the nations means the body of Christ, by definition, is multi-ethnic.  It [...]

Hidden Figures: Phabienne Anderson, Kingdom Diversity Office Manager

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It’s often the case that the hidden figures of history turn out to be pillars on which we stand. This reality was brought to the forefront in recent years through movies like "Hidden Figures" where many learned for the first time that the first successful American orbit around the moon in 1969 was indebted to the [...]

E086 – Lecture on Social Justice

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Dr. Walter Strickland addresses the conversation surrounding the "Social Justice Warrior" and how to think through these issues through a gospel lens.

E085 – BLS: Getting Political

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In light of the upcoming midterm elections, Dr. Walter Strickland recaps the recent Bagged Lunch Series: Getting Political, a discussion on whether getting political is a distraction from the gospel, with Courtlandt Perkins.