There is never a lack of news that either makes our day or makes our day worse. ugg australia pas cher Whether good or bad, we tend to share news within our circle of friends which are likely to be people who look or think like us. timberland pas cher While this is not inherently wrong it could be enabling our blind spots. timberland chaussures To better serve Southeastern and the surrounding community, we created the Bagged Lunch Series, an informal open discussion assessing current topics through a variety of Christian perspectives. chaussures puma pas cher The topic at hand for this lunch is an opportunity for our community to bring to the table the nationwide conversation surrounding the definition and nature of the term “Evangelicalism” and specifically “White Evangelicalism”. timberland soldes Many have asked the questions “What is Evangelicalism?” and “Who is included within Evangelicalism?”. doudoune moncler homme However, this topic has received increased attention since the 2016 election cycle caused many to wonder about “Is Evangelicalism white?”, “Is Evangelicalism about politics?”, and “Where do minorities fit in?” . Please join us as we seek to lead a dialogue into the issues that surround these questions and unpack the truth about White Evangelicalism and multiethnic relations. Achat chaussure Puma Bring your lunch and let’s talk! Schedule